The Visual Exploration of
Edition of 1000
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TwoOne (AU) / JKB Fletcher (AU) / Lucy McCrae (NL) / So Yoon Lym (US) / Apeseven (AU) / Joshua Miels (AU) / Jason DeMarte (US)

The Visual Exploration of
Edition of 500
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Mobstr (UK) / Ted Vasin (US) / Simon Hipgrave (AU) / Hin Chua (US) / Jonas Marnell (AU) / James Kape (AU) / Brett Manning (US)
  • Alex Beker
  • Barry P
  • Blaze Razgriz
  • Brett Manning
  • Danyel Payne
  • David Blatch
  • Dilly
  • Donald Lim
  • Ervin Esen
  • Fernando Farfan
  • Fredrik Oscarsson
  • Hannah Courtin-Wilson
  • Hin Chua
  • Jack Fowler
  • Jack Vanzet
  • James Dutaillis
  • James Kape
  • Jelle Van Seghbroeck
  • Jonas Marnell
  • Jose Mertz
  • Juan Travieso
  • Jullian Callos
  • Larnelle Flynn
  • Laura Chong
  • Luke Darlington
  • Madeline Dusek
  • Mark Dawson
  • Mark Peckmezian
  • Michael Gramling
  • Michael Mitchener
  • Mobstr
  • Nat Sun
  • Ninesuitcases
  • Pedro Matos
  • Priscilla Bracks
  • Raymond Chase
  • Rena Littleson
  • Roger Wilkie
  • Ryan MacDonald
  • Sara Gingold
  • Shane Smith
  • Simon Hipgrave
  • Surya Prasetya
  • Tae
  • Tae Querney
  • Ted Vasin
  • Teodoru Badiu
  • Zeynep Kayan

Our little project is called
Six years

We are an artist-run initiative that hopes to promote emerging artists and their endeavours. Since 2008 we have released three issues showcasing the work of over 150 talented creatives from all around the world. Published annually, our little magazine contains zero advertising. It’s just full-page artwork. We can do this because of two things: the first, is that we’re independently run – no need to answer to the man! The second is the immense support we get from the creative community. As a not-for-profit organization, any money we make goes right back in to printing more issues and holding bigger exhibitions so our artists get more much deserved exposure.

In 2013, we had our most successful launch party and exhibition to kick off Issue 2. Opening night was nothing short of amazing with No Vacancy Gallery in the Melbourne CBD was brimming with over 600 people who attended the event. Photos of the good times can be found here and here.

Every year our team grows and helps us to achieve bigger and better things. Big ups to The Arts Hole, Boywolf, Ohnoes, Losop, A.Mac & Lady D for their helping hands.